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eLearning Course Setup Video Guide

System Requirements

Please note unfortunately our eLearning courses will not currently work on Smartphones or on Ipad Pros.

Your web browser must have Javascript enabled, and Adobe Reader installed for viewing & printing your certificate. for full system requirements please see here.

Viewing & Printing Certificates

Learners (if you've just taken a course)

  • Click Home in the Learner portal
  • On the course you've just finished, click Actions
  • Click 'Certificate'

Managers (to view your delegates' certificates)

  • Login to the Manager portal
  • Go to Learners -> Learner Reports
  • Find the learner and course you wish to view, using the filter options if needed
  • Under the 'E-learning' column, click the Certificate icon to view the certificate


E-Learning Login Steps

I have purchased a course for myself or others:

Email Icon

1. After purchasing a course you will be emailed an Manager login for our Learning Managment System.

Administrator Icon

2. Log in to your Manager account using the details and link provided.

Candidate Icon

3. Enter the details of the person(s) you would like to take the course (the Candidate), and assign them a course license. (this will be yourself if you have purchased your own course)

Courses Icon

4. The candidate(s) will then be emailed login details for their individual candidate account(s), where they can take the course.

Someone else has purchased a course for me:

Email Icon

1. You will receive an email with the subject ‘eLearning Training Login Details’ - this will contain your login details and a link to access your course.

Course Icon

2. Login to your account, confirm your details are correct and enjoy your course!

If you’re having any problems, please see the support topics below

Support Topics

Candidates (if you’re trying to view a course)
I've forgotten my username or password
Please contact your course administrator (the person who has purchased your course). They will be able to resend your login details to you.
I can't login to my account, but my login details are correct
Please are ensure you are visiting the correct link, the Candidate login. If you have purchased the course you are trying to take, please check that you are not trying to login with your Business/Administrator login details.
My course videos aren’t displaying properly.
  1. Please ensure that your browser is fully up to date - we strongly recommend that you use Google Chrome if possible. Download the latest version of Chrome (here).

  2. Please also be aware that Flash Player must also be enabled and up to date. Some browsers (including Chrome) have now disabled Flash by default. To re-enable it, please follow the instructions here.

  3. Finally, Javascript must also be enabled for videos to display correctly - all modern browsers should have javascript enabled by default, but you can check that it is enabled on your browser following the instructions here.
My course videos are taking a long time to buffer.
It is likely that this is a problem with your network speed. The courses require a 3Mb or higher download speed to run smoothly. If multiple users are accessing courses on a single connection it can cause slowdown. If you are having buffering issues you can turn off the ‘High Quality Video’ setting at the bottomright of the video player on the module selection page to help improve performance.

Some workplaces run network security to block video content so you may need to speak to your IT department to access the videos.
I have failed to pass a module more than 3 times, and now the course is locked.
Please contact the person who purchased your course. They will be able to arrange for the course to be unlocked with their Manual Handling at Work Coordinator.
Administrators (if you’ve purchased course(s) for yourself and/or others)
I can’t see how to take the course I’ve purchased?
Once you have completed your order and been emailed an account login, you must login to your account and create an Individual Candidate user, under the ‘USERS’ tab, at which point you can assign course license(s) to the user.

Once this has been done, you will be emailed an Candidate user login with which you can take your courses.

Please be aware that the Business/Administrator Login and the Candidate Login pages are different, and you can only use the appropriate login for each page:

Business/Administrator Login Page
Candidate/Individual User Login Page
I can’t login to my account, but my login details are correct
If you have purchased a course and wish to take it yourself, please be aware that you will need to create an Individual Candidate User account in addition to the Business/Administrator User account details you were initially emailed.

See ‘I can’t see how to take the course I’ve purchased’ or your order confirmation email for details on how to create a Candidate account.
One of my candidates has forgotten their password or username
First, login to your Business/Administrator Account. Then, go to USERS and find the candidate under ‘Individual User Accounts Overview (If you have many users you can alternatively use the search tab to search their name).

Finally, click on the user’s name, which will bring up the individual user account page - you can then copy and paste their login details to email, or use the ‘email login details’ button to automatically send an email to their account address.

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