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Level 2 Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events E‑Learning Course

Highfield Approved E-Learning

Our e-learning courses are authored and endorsed by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance in order to ensure we provide the high standards of quality.

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Course Details

What does it cover?

This course covers an impressive amount of content, offering you exceptional value. It includes a total of 12 modules spread across 4 units, written to cover the knowledge content of the Level 2 Award in Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events. These units are as follows:

  • Prepare for spectator events
  • Control the entry, exit and movement of people at spectator events
  • Monitor spectators and deal with crowd problems
  • Deal with accidents and emergencies

How long will it take?

This course takes approximately:

6 - 7 Hours

All of our courses are designed to make learning quick and easy. Learning times may vary dependent on the learner’s existing experience and preferred pace.

Learner Outcomes

Learners will receive a Highfield commended certificate upon completion of this course. They will also be able to go on to achieve the level 2 qualification.

Learning Management System

Our learning management system gives you the ability to monitor and manage your delegates’ training activity & progress, making training teams a breeze.

System Requirements

Please note this Course will not currently work on Smartphones or on Ipad Pros.
For all other System Requirements please see below.

Required Software:

  • JavaScript
  • Adobe Reader
  • Laptop / Desktop PC (Windows XP is the minimum operating system required):

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple iMacs / Macbooks:

  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Ipads:

  • Safari
  • Google Chrome for Tablets
  • Android / Windows based tablets:

  • Google Chrome for Tablets
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need Manual Handling Training?

    The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, as amended in 2002 (‘the Regulations’) apply to a wide range of manual handling activities, including lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling or carrying. The load may be either animate, such as a person or an animal, or inanimate, such as a box or a trolley. The HSE state that adequate training must be given to make employees aware of the risks and correct procedures when faced with moving objects in the workplace.

    Do I need to provide training for all employees?

    As the Employer you must carry out risk assessments and regularly review the risks that employees face involving manual handling. This will identify what you need to do to prevent injury and keep people safe. You must train employees in the awareness of Manual Handling who are subject to these tasks.

    To get more details on our fire courses, please call us FREE on 0800 014 9620.

    What are the minimum or maximum number of delegates on each course?

    There are no minimum requirements and you can train as many delegates as you like with our online learning courses. For effective In-house training we recommend one trainer to 12 delegates. If you need say 30 people training all at once at your premises on a particular day we would simply supply two or more trainers.

    Can I train on a weekend or bank holiday?

    Absolutely yes, you can choose to take your training at a time and location of your choice and there is no additional cost as we work around your business needs. This applies to both In-house training and E-learning.

    How long does the training take to complete?

    Courses differ in length. When you browse each course the duration is shown in the course details. Online learning is typically the quickest method of training.

    Do the courses have an exam?

    Online courses have multiple choice questions throughout the courses. In-house training courses typically have a multiple choice exam at the end of the course depending on the qualification type.

    Do I need to have any specialist equipment such as a hoist?

    If you require practical hoist training when moving people, we must train on your supplied hoist. Should you need assistance sourcing a hoist please contact our manual handling specialists FREE on 0800 014 9620. Unfortunately, we do not supply hoists with our training courses.

    How long is my eLearning course certificate valid for?

    To ensure that knowledge is kept up-to-date with legislation and best practices, and to reduce skills fade, it is recommended that the knowledge is refreshed annually.

    Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the delegates’ training administrator or learning & compliance manager to decide when the training needs to be refreshed.

    Those taking this e-learning course will engage in training that they are required to undertake before completing the Level 2 Award in Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events or the Level 2 Certificate in Spectator Safety (not included with the purchase).

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